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Funeral services are a deeply personal experience and different for everyone. This is why we offer a direct to crematorium service, which is a cremation without a ceremony.

Voyage direct to crematorium

Many people nowadays choose to celebrate the life of a loved one without a ceremony at the crematorium or place of burial. There are lots of reasons why someone might choose this kind of funeral – it’s all down to personal choice or the family’s preference.

You, or your loved one, will be taken into our care and taken to the crematorium once prepared. The ashes of your loved one can then be delivered to you or collected from our team at Voyage, once you are ready. You can then remember and celebrate them how you see fit – and how you know they would have wanted.

A Voyage cremation without ceremony will cost £1,650. We provide the same aftercare service and guidance on how best to celebrate your loved one’s life as we would for a full funeral service. We’re happy to discuss any questions you may have, so talk to us today.

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Support & Advice

Planning a funeral involves a lot of emotional time and energy. If you need any additional guidance and support during and after the funeral, visit our resources below.