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Funeral Advice March 23, 2020

Disclaimer: Please note, although we do not offer any of the below as services, we’re happy to provide them as ideas during this difficult time.

Whether you’ve recently lost a loved one or are approaching an anniversary of someone’s death, you may be considering how best to remember them.

Grief is an extremely personal experience and everyone deals with it differently. If your way of dealing with the passing of a loved one is to keep their memory alive, then you might be considering how best to do this. There are lots of ‘in memory’ rituals and ideas you can implement – remember, think about how your loved one would have liked you to remember them.

However you choose to commemorate a death is completely up to you, but we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite ideas that might provide you with inspiration.


These can come in many formats, but the most popular memorials include:

  • Dedicating a bench
  • Planting a tree or rose bush
  • Garden
  • A piece of art

You may have seen benches with plaques on when you’ve walked through a park or sat on the sea front. This is a great way to commemorate your loved one in or near to their favourite place. If they enjoyed walks through their local park or perhaps they had a favourite holiday destination in the UK, you can contact the local authorities to see if there’s an opportunity to commemorate your loved one. Do bear in mind though, that there are often long waiting lists for memorial benches, so this could just be one of the memorials you choose to create for your loved one.

Planting a rose bush or even a tree is an environmentally friendly way of remembering someone who has died. It’s also something that will last forever, if looked after well and maintained. This is particularly lovely if you like to be reminded of your loved one each day, by simply looking out of your window.

If you’re after something a little more creative, you could even have a piece of art produced in memory of your loved one. This could be a picture, photograph, or even having their ashes (if they were cremated) turned into something wonderful, such as a glass sculpture.

Annual day of celebration

Just like a birthday, some people choose to have an annual day of celebration for their loved one who has passed away. You may celebrate this on their birthday or on the day they died, it’s completely up to you. However you celebrate is your choice, but think about some of the favourite things your loved one enjoyed and perhaps base the day around that. You could gather some of their closest friends and family and spend an evening talking about all your favourite memories – or if they enjoyed being at the beach, go and watch the sun set together. There’s no wrong way to celebrate; it’s simply a chance each year to dedicate to the memory of your loved one.

Stuffed toys

Your loved one may have had a favourite item of clothing, such as a dressing gown, shirt, or dress. Many people choose to donate clothes to charity shops, but particularly special items can be turned into something of great significance. Using pieces of your loved one’s favourite clothing, you can turn these into a memory bear or stuffed animal. There are lots of dressmakers and tailors who are able to create these for you, usually for a small commission.

Online memorial pages

This is a very popular choice for families and friends during the digital age. An online memorial page can be created very easily through a variety of avenues. For instance, if you have a chosen charity, they often have the resources to create a memorial page for you, giving you the opportunity to update with the information you want, as well as raise money for that charity.

Many online memorial websites provide you with the opportunity to upload pictures, notices regarding the funeral or memorial service, donation button, thoughts and stories, as well as adding any music or videos you deem appropriate. With the current ongoing coronavirus pandemic, online memorial pages are a helpful way to provide friends and family with information in one go, as well as providing people with the opportunity to add their own thoughts and feelings.

You can also fundraise through your memorial page and post regular updates year on year. This is a clever way to keep the memory of your loved one alive and offer a place for people to visit when they wish to pay their respects.


Similar to an online memorial page, you can also request donations to a charity of your choice, when your loved one’s anniversary arrives. This might be for a charity that helped your loved one before they died, such as a local hospice or a specialist cancer centre. It could also be a charity that you know was close to your loved one’s heart, such as an animal or children’s charity.

Remembering someone who has died can be a cathartic way to manage your grief. It’s completely your choice on how you do this, but if you need guidance and advice on commemorating a loved one, we’re only a phone call or email away. Contact us here for both memorial and funeral information.