So that we follow the measures stipulated by the government, we are open to support families in their time of need. We are available 24/7.

Please call 01772 237 536 where we will assist you.

A hearse is often used to transport the coffin or casket from the funeral home to the place of service, and then to the final resting place, whether that’s burial or cremation.

What kind of vehicles can I choose?

It’s completely up to you! We’re able to show you options and advise on what would be best based on the personality and wishes of your loved one. You’re able to book different coloured hearses, as well different styles too, as a traditional hearse can sometimes be a difficult option to choose.

A horse and carriage can sometimes be an appropriate choice, particularly if your loved one was a horse-lover or specified this before they passed away.

Do I have to use funeral cars?

No. If you would like to travel to the service in your own vehicle, that is also an option. You may feel more comfortable in your own car, rather than a funeral limousine.

We’re able to advise on what options you can choose and make suggestions on suppliers to book these through. Just contact a member of our funeral care team today to discuss it further.

Funeral options

A funeral is a deeply personal journey - and one in which often difficult decisions need to be made. At Voyage, we have a range of funeral options available, helping you to efficiently organise the process and appropriately celebrate the life of your loved one.
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