So that we follow the measures stipulated by the government, we are open to support families in their time of need. We are available 24/7.

Please call 01772 237 536 where we will assist you.

Our funeral care team may ask you a few questions, as well as answer your own. These include:


What material should I choose for a coffin?

Coffins can come in a range of different materials, from cardboard to wicker; these are more environmentally-friendly options, which are becoming more popular. A member of our funeral care team can advise you on the most appropriate and affordable coffin or casket for the service. Sometimes coffins can be personalised, with images and photographs. Remember, we’ll provide you with all the options that are possible, ensuring your loved one has the most relevant and individual coffin.


Can I include anything inside the coffin?

Sometimes families wish to bury their loved ones with sentimental items, such as teddy bears or photographs. Although there are some restrictions on what can be included in the coffin, our funeral care team will be able to discuss your requirements and advise accordingly.

Funeral options

A funeral is a deeply personal journey - and one in which often difficult decisions need to be made. At Voyage, we have a range of funeral options available, helping you to efficiently organise the process and appropriately celebrate the life of your loved one.
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