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Funeral Advice May 26, 2020

Thinking about death and dying is often seen as morbid – but sometimes it’s far more helpful for family members, and your own peace of mind, to discuss and plan your funeral arrangements well in advance of your death.

Although we don’t always know when that might be, having a formal plan in place can ease any worries you might have, as well as your family’s too. At Voyage, we’ve outlined some of the benefits of planning your own funeral below.

1. Provides peace of mind for your family

If your family and friends are aware of your plans, before you die, this means that they’ll have peace of mind that your wishes are being met and that they don’t have to think about what you would have liked – as you’ll have told them. Planning a funeral can be a very stressful time, due to heightened emotions, perhaps there might be family disagreements, and even money worries.

Your family can still be involved in the planning process, if you wish, whether that’s your partner, children, or siblings. Having open and honest conversations about death is important and inviting your family to help plan your funeral can help open those conversations up.

2. Decisions are made without emotion

Without pre-planning, funeral choices are often made by relatives, when the individual has recently died. Families are overcome with grief and emotions, which may impair their decision-making, especially sensitive and personal decisions, such as cremation or burial. Pre-planning your funeral and making sure family members are aware of your wishes means that when the time comes to implement the plans, they can concentrate on other important aspects, such as writing a eulogy.

It also reduces the risk of disagreements and quarrels, for instance, if a particular relative believes you would have liked to have been cremated, but others insist on a burial. Having a funeral plan in place ensures decisions are made by yourself, rather than on your behalf, and emotions don’t overtake the decision-making process.

3. Gives you reassurance that your wishes are being met

Many of us don’t discuss how we’d ‘like to go’ with our family or friends, as the conversation can be deemed insensitive or morbid. But being open and honest with relatives ensures your wishes are met and you’re reassured that the where, what, and how will all be decided by yourself, before it’s necessary.

You can then consider lots of options you may never have thought of, such as having a more spiritual funeral, to the kinds of readings you might want, if any. Discussing these options with your chose funeral advisor will allow you to see exactly what you’d like and how best this would fit your requirements.

Your funeral will also be an incredibly personal event, which friends and family will appreciate more.

4. Payment options can be discussed

With an unexpected death, or when there are no funeral plans available, the financial implications are often left with family members. When pre-planning your funeral, you can discuss funeral expenses with your advisor and ensure these are paid, so that your relatives don’t take the burden of the cost.

Planning your own funeral doesn’t mean you’ll be planning it alone; speaking to a friendly funeral planner, such as Voyage Funerals, can help.